"The starships of the future — in other words, the vehicles of the future — which will explore the high frontier of the unknown will be syntactical. The engineers of the future will be poets. This is what virtual reality holds out to us — the possibility of walking into the constructs of the imagination. In a way culture is that. Our cities, bridges, highways, airliners and art galleries are condensations out of the imagination, but at tremendous cost, because we must make them out of matter. Once we can make them out of light, out of electrons, then we won’t build skyscrapers 120 stories high, we’ll build them as high as we want. Roof height will no longer be a factor ruled by cost effectiveness and gravity, it will be a parameter ruled by the imagination, as will all other parameters, and then we will discover what man truly is — when we are able to erect, stabilize, share and explore our dreams in a kind of virtual hyperspace that, carefully analyzed, is seen to be linguistic. That’s what its connectors are made out of, that’s what its ferroconcrete and steel is, the edifice of language. This is what the stuff of the imagination is made of and I think this is what we’re moving toward."

— Terence McKenna

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