• A now in which the necessity of interdependence is not only acknowledged, but considered a tool for growth, strength, and survival.
• A now in which local people work to re-invigorate their city spaces.
• A now in which the definitions of possibility and impos- sibility transform.
• A now in which fruit is not something bought from a store, but something found in our neighborhoods.
• A now in which censorship is prevented through exer- cises in solidarity.
• A now where maps reveal not simply roads, but spaces of collective hope and action.
• A now in which “the economy” is something that eve- ryone can understand and shape.
• A now in which we acknowledge the complex relation- ships of existence.
• A now in which creativity is valued as a legitimate force of change.
• A now in which GMO seed development and corporate agriculture are questioned and disrupted.
• A now with food economies that answer the needs of people, rather than corporations.
• A now in which we share meals with strangers and friends. A now in which the “capitalist juggernaut” crushes itself instead of crushing people.
• A now without so much “stuff.”
• A now in which cyclists feel safe on our roads.
• A now in which people can barter for their educations, and diverse skills and talents are valued.
• A now in which the underrepresented and underserved
have accessible avenues for sharing their stories.
• A now in which language is a form of activism.
• A now in which there is no separation between life and art.
• A now that plays with different conclusions.
• A now with independent and democratically controlled
financial support for creative projects.
• A now that is open to interpretation.
• A now in which art is synonymous with protest.
• A now in which disused spaces are re-appropriated for
community benefit.
• A now in which we can grow our lunch on our rooftops.
• A now in which our every action towards the environ-
ment is carefully considered.
• A now in which acceptance of sponsorship from unethi-
cal companies is questioned.
• A now in which exercises in rhetoric become exercises
in action.
• A now in which public space is reclaimed and re-shaped.
• A now in which alternative histories are made visible.
• A now in which space-making is engaged in as a practice
in community-making.
• A now in which residents greatly influence how their
neighborhoods develop.
• A now in which Permaculture means not only sustain-
able agriculture, but sustainable culture.

A Guidebook of AlternAtive nows - Edited by Amber Hickey
Luca Raimondi