Reminers from sex educator: Erika Hart

  1. War and climate disasters are a sexual health issue
  2. Every time you mention LGBT or Trans the word “issues” doesn’t need to follow
  3. Any gender can have a baby
  4. Any gender can menstruate
  5. #ChrystulKizer getting less media attention than Weinstein accusers is telling
  6. Biology is NOT binary
  7. Leave Intersex people alone
  8. Virginity is a myth and a useless concept
  9. Institutions (prisons, mental health facilities, nursing homes) create sex shaming policies that unnecessarily keep people from experiencing pleasure.
  10. Sex work is not the same as sex trafficking lumping them is harmful.
  11. Pretty privilege and classism greatly inform attraction, not if you or someone else loves themselves.
  12. Most children will tell you their gender by the age of three.
  13. “Girl crush” “Bromance” are all rooted in homophobia. You just have a crush, say you find them attractive minus the homophobia
  14. Your anus is a highway, it will suck anything without a flared base up!
  15. Romantic relationships end and that’s okay.
  16. Sex doesn’t need to end in orgasm
  17. Lube is your friend, just find the ingredients that work for your body.
  18. Trans, Non binary and GNC do not have a look.
  19. Sex isn’t always private
  20. Participating in BDSM, polyamory or non monogamy doesn’t exempt you from being anti-Black or make you a well rounded person
melanie hoff