The latest addition to our formats for working with Aquaporin, is specific collaborations on the company’s own projects with single or smaller groups of employees. This is still in its early stages, but for our purposes here it is worth mentioning, that Primer will be written into Public Private Partnership applications developed by Aquaporin, as well as co-funded longer term employment at Aquaporin with external partnerships. These collaborations signal a type of collaboration, which allows for development of new processes, languages, ideas and methods. In general the company is currently participating in partnership projects that aim to further systems integration of their technology, generate political legitimacy and propagate experience and knowledge of working with and developing bioreactive water purification. This involves both regional and global collaborative networks and several different types of applications and stages of experimentation. Our roles in these processes are still under development in dialogue with internal Aquaporin staff and external feedback from our peer network and Aquaporins partner networks.