Adrian Hodgson / Designer's Process as an Ecology (WIP)

Adrian is a Permaculture Designer, working primarily on projects in Hamilton, ON. He recently founded Design Jam Permaculture offering Collaborative Design and Decision Support services to help people with urban and suburban projects. He has a wide range of talents, including technical research, project implementation, and providing practical advice for the long term success of systems and projects. Adrian is skilled at site assessment, natural pattern observation, and considering diverse options for implementing and maintaining productive, ecologically sound solutions. He is knowledgeable on a range of issues, including: gardening; soil remediation; building raised beds and retaining walls; water flow and capture; green building and hand worked earthworks. Adrian likes to help clients visualize and phase in ideas by installing simple 3-D mock-ups of elements while developing site enhancements. Adrian is resourceful and mindful in all that he does.


Ajmir Kandola

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