"Part of the shared pretending done by Google and anyone who uses it is to act as if 'information' on the web already existed in some kind of natural state prior to Google’s mission to organize it. Instead, information in its present form is, in fact, a product of Google and would be nothing without the company’s decision to recognize it as Googleable, rank it in the algorithm’s esoteric hierarchy, and incentivize its renovation so it might make itself prettier to Google. 'To Google' something, therefore, is to accept the fiction that Google is both the whole information world—and the only path through it.

What a racket. How did we ever start believing that a highly limited set of visual and symbolic data—words, numbers, and images without depth—make up the entirety of the 'world’s information'? You can’t Google taste, scent, or touch; sound searches are janky. Google engages barely two of the five human senses and tells us that’s the whole world."

~ Virginia Heffernan (https://www.wired.com/story/just-google-it-a-short-history-of-a-newfound-verb/)

Seán ⠀