"Mycorrhizal symbiosis, which concerns 80% of land plant species (van der Heijden et al., 2015; Wang and Qiu, 2006), is a mutualistic association between a fungus and the roots of a plant, which often depends on fungal colonization for its survival. This relationship is crucial for both partners, since the plant supplies carbon to the soil fungus and, as a reward, receives nutrients and water from the fungus through a symbiotic organ, the mycorrhiza (Smith and Read, 2008). Mycorrhizal symbiosis plays a key role in plant nutrition and also in plant defence against soil biotic and abiotic aggression (Selosse et al., 2004)."

Asteropeia mcphersonii, a potential mycorrhizal facilitator for ecological restoration in Madagascar wet tropical rainforests
Georgia Kareola