N: Do you know this are.na channel? I just discovered it. There are quite a few gems in there, such as “shed rationality,” “forget ‘time,’ or just ignore it,” or “learn to love the finite, ignore the apparently infinite.”

I am finding it extremely difficult to be productive and creative when my mind is racing through so many thoughts and so many unknowns in these circumstances .. Yet last night, or even now as I am writing this, I realized being creative — or perhaps being instinctual! — does offer great comfort. If you were to ask me this question maybe a month ago, I would have definitely said concept should be at the forefront and instincts should somehow align with the reasoning, and successful artists have two of these go hand in hand. Yet, now, as I am writing this to you from my home desk, pure creative energy without any reasoning is all we (I) have. I guess I decided to let go a little and “shed rationality.” Here is a picture (Figure 9) from my rooftop where I have been painting (with no plans!) to distract myself. Missed all your faces dearly, E!

Nazlı Ercan