Wu Hsien considered ‘locking the gate’ to be the most effective of all methods for controlling ejaculation: ‘if you tighten the lower part of your bowels to shut off the flow of energy there, semen will stop moving naturally.’ The sort of contraction he suggests begins with the same basic anal lock used in breathing exercises, but it is further extended along the entire length of the perineum all the way to the urogenital tract. This method quite literally ‘blocks’ the outward flow of semen. Until you master this method, however, you may substitute digital pressure at the ‘Confluence of Yin’. As the Classic of Immortality states, ‘Take the index and middle fingers of the left hand and press them at the point midway between anus and scrotum. If this is done with sufficient pressure and combined with deep, slow breathing and gnashing of the teeth, then the semen will not be lost.’