Send it Forward:

I remember as a kid hearing about how someone at a drive-thru would pay for the next person’s meal. And a story like this would turn into a sort of small urban myth about how the next person did the same and the next and the next and the next until an undisclosed amount of people had all purchased the meal of the next person.

I think there is a way to move forward with a similar idea of Paying it Forward somehow using Bronson as the start of a bigger chain of events. A small gesture, a drop in the pond that sounds energy waves out, forming a chain of positivity.

I see this idea playing out as positivity as less explicity about health but about community.

Better than Better (Alec’s Idea):

I think I can see a version of this one as very much more action oriented. Higher energy with more of a Call to Action. I think of positivity in this one as a sort of answer to a challenge. I note active brands doing social good. (Think EarthJustice).

brandon alvarado