The moment of greatest vigilance for a man is when the woman reaches the final stages of the Five Signs and Ten Indications and starts pressing herself urgently against him in the final countdown to her orgasm. If a man is not careful, her growing agitation and pelvic thrusting will overstimulate the Turtle’s Head and cause him to ejaculate, taking the wind from his sails just as the woman is ready to race across the finish line. It is at this stage of intercourse that a man will most appreciate the virtues of deep penetration with ‘shallow thrusting’, which transfers the point of friction from the sensitive glans to the root of the penis, where it excites him least but stimulates her most. This style of thrusting, combined with deep breathing and anal sphincter locks, enables a man to meet and match indefinitely even the most urgent thrusts a woman makes on the verge of orgasm, without the risk of premature ejaculation.