From Me to Everyone: 09:32 AM
Hey Xiangyu - I tried to send recording from last class but I couldn't because the file was too big.
This time I'm recording to cloud so should be able to just send a link to anyone who needs it
From Xiangyu Wang to Me: (Privately) 09:32 AM
No worry!Thanks!
From Me to Xiangyu Wang: (Privately) 09:33 AM
are you and sean ready to present today?
From Xiangyu Wang to Me: (Privately) 09:35 AM
I did the research with Sean, but Sean will do the presentation because my internet is not stable
From Me to Xiangyu Wang: (Privately) 09:36 AM
Sounds good.
From Me to Everyone: 09:51 AM
wow that's amazin
I wonder if they had a sponsorship from a bread company
From Me to Everyone: 10:08 AM
i feel like when i look at performance art from the 1990s now i just think about tik toks
there's also a book by wu hung about contemporary art and ruins - he focuses more on ruins in literature though (since he says in classical Chinese art there is never an image of ruins, only textual descriptions)
interesting that several of your artworks use food as medium
(Zhou chunya is one of the most expensive artists in the world fyi)
omg so interesting
From Me to Everyone: 10:15 AM
He Liping
From Me to Everyone: 10:23 AM
such a good point
Story of Ah Q
Lu Xun
allegory about self-delusion
From sean to Everyone: 10:33 AM
Singapore,Maldives, Thailand is a gated neighborhood in Chengdu
From Me to Everyone: 10:33 AM
From Qinru Zhang to Everyone: 10:34 AM
I changed device so I dont have the chat history can anyone upload the info to our doc later
From Me to Everyone: 10:37 AM
but is he doing the ad in front of the real estate development?
do you know?
or is the real estate development called Maldives?
Kaili Blues (chinese translation: Roadside Picnic)
From sean to Everyone: 10:37 AM
I don’t remember and didn’t find any trace of that real estate development ad tho
From Me to Everyone: 10:38 AM
From Qinru Zhang to Everyone: 10:39 AM
From Xiangyu Wang to Everyone: 10:39 AM
I have one
From Qinru Zhang to Everyone: 10:40 AM

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