It’s nice when people treat their social media accounts as extensions of themselves, rather than as ads for themselves. The internet should not be a space to spam innocent bystanders with Soundcloud links and promotional blurbs. Instead, it should be a space to really exist inside of, and a place where you can forge connections that organically grow into mutual interest in—and support for—each other. The bridge to this is through organic connections and honest communication. Otherwise you’ll just be “using” the people who follow you for ego-soothing hearts and clicks.

Laura Houlberg

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41 Connections
25 blocks
by SSS Surrender
335 blocks
by Artem Gaidukov
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by Alanood Alnoaimi
body works
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by Isabelle Beauchamp
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by Nina Montagne
how do you want to live? // mini-manifestos
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by chloe abrasada 🍃
reimagine social media
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by chloe abrasada 🍃
꩜ memory and mediation
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by Chelsea Sarabia
identity formation in the digital age
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by cheryl charli
La difícil tarea de humanizar
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by Jazmín Pouchulú
digital footprints
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by nat ✳✳
Slow Web
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by Alva Francis
i believe in you
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by Pamela Santiago
(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ relationships :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆
1786 blocks
by soft bunny
ang tanawin sa aking isipan [the landscape inside my head]
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by saslag ya ing aldo
how to exist slowly online
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by Aaron Krishna
self-growth & knowledge
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by Olivia Montagnese
soul talk
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by diangelo ☺
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by Irem Toner
techno-sociology, net-economics and media psychology
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by Lei Ya
my internet
16751 blocks
by Rozina Aamir
digital (dis)embodiment
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by Allegra K
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by Emily Simmons
02_Brain Dump
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by Ximena A
soaking pool
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by Leigh Annand
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