Hey guys, For your assignment, I need you to find a twitter fight The way you do that is: 1: Type something you are interested in, in twitter search. 2: Find a mad tweet about it that not necessarily makes sense to you, and trace it. Find who started it, and copy the link of the first tweet. if the first thing you saw is the start of some sort of fight, find its responses or related tweets. 3: Take screenshots YOU HAVE TO TAKE MULTIPLE SCREENSHOTS OF MULTIPLE TWEETS! Yang Yi and Ndivhuho, you DON'T have to translate tweets if the tweets you found are in a foreign language 4: Please add all your screenshots in this folder https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1TzBbuYliXvNoeG4vthn37EskLQKZ2FWR and please add a word file with a link of the first tweet you found

David Borgonjon