BLKHLCLB Mayday Reader (Note to access full content please download the doc)

Black Hole Club present a Mayday Reader of work and conversations that asks, what holds value for us in this present? Who is there for us right now and who do we want to hear from? Do we want to start or stop, in times are marked by rolling news, tech trillionaires, isolated shopping and clapping for our carers.

With the closure of Vivid Projects psychical space in March, Black Hole Club’s work and development as a cohort has shifted to online platforms. This initiated conversations, exchanges and projects that will develop through the year. The reader features current works by: Alis Oldfield, Ambie Drew, Ambience Factory, De’Anne Crooks, Emily Scarrott, Jas Singh, ...kruse, Kühle Wampe, Leanne O’Connor & Larissa Shaw, Rosa Francesca and Rosa Postlethwaite.

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Black Hole Club