"CO2 sequestration in transboundary SSGFs re-emerged as a matter of debate. The main issue is those CO2 streams injected into SSGFs that straddle a jurisdictional boundary with another State or an area under jurisdiction of no State (e.g., high seas). Article 6 of the Protocol, and the Basel Convention, expressly prohibit the export of wastes or other matter to other countries for dumping. [...] In defence of an exception to the export prohibition, it was maintained that many countries do not have adequate storage sites within their jurisdictions and that large-scale projects may be more cost-effective than a number of smaller projects. In 2008, the parties decided not to amend Article 6 of the Protocol as yet, but agreed to give the "political signal that the Protocol should not constitute a barrier to the transboundary movement of CO2 streams." This calls into question the legitimacy of favouring political signals over the words of treaties."

Andres Chang