Командный отчет [CREW REPORT] 33.581, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Auhust 2320

Sasha isn’t working anymore, mentally. Ate something bad in the mess he says.

The cryoroaches keep moving across the plateau. Their hosts' faces frozen like death masks. Hundreds of legs pulsing in metallic tritone. We feel them on the backs of landscapes but rarely see them. We're supposed to be hunting them. But half their shell is inspired by squid skin, a plate structure that blends with the terrain – if you’re lucky you’ll spot some light dispersion, a patch of oil silking among the lichen.

The permafrost farmers said they saw 8 last week. With the Fifth Melt they’re relocating. I don’t know. Where are they going. To another unguarded grid, siphoning power to keep cool a hundred years.

The KrioRus logs say there’s 500 left. But marketing and operations used the same numbers when claiming sales a couple centuries ago. Premodern accounting. Could be just 10 really, keeping their human hosts prelive.

Seems like they set up a mesh each move to warn we're coming, distribute energy. Might be better to become one of them.

Didn't report it earlier, but we’re building one. Sasha’s been testing it.

Valdis Silins