Jumana Emil Abboud, The irresistible shade of the vine, 2020

[Image description: A warm yellow background with visible brushstrokes, with a small pencil drawn figure with a peaceful looking facial expression and one visible arm wrapped around an oval shape, drawn in black ink which is more saturated at the top than the bottom. This drawing is entitled "Wrapping Your Arms Around the Dark" and is made by artist Jumana Emil Abboud.]

The irresistible shade of the vine
Performance, fairytale reading & workshop
with Jumana Emil Abboud

Presented in the context of Common Grounds: Story / Heritage, chapter 2: The irresistible shade of the vine

Thursday, 30 April
20:00 - 21:00 on Stranded FM

De voertaal van dit evenement is Engels, voor informatie in het Nederlands bezoek: casco.art/program/chapter2

“In the shade of the grapevine we gathered as children to hear tales of the wonders and wanderings of the young and harmed as they faced their adventures into heroism. The voice of the folktale was like a bird singing us into enchantment and we lived and loved for more.”

In this three-segment audio performance, the artist shares with us “a story of directions,” anecdotes from her own childhood when folktales were a common practice, and invites us to participate in the storytelling process. Find a comfortable spot to sit and join Abboud in this tale that leads us to remedies for love and hardships.

In the first part, Abboud takes us on a journey through distant and ever-so-close lands and tells a folktale inspired by Palestinian-Arab folklore. In the second segment, she’ll share the story’s background and interpretation in preparation for the workshop prompt to follow in the third part. Then, the artist invites us to imagine our very own story-interaction by making our own response or remedy in relation to the story she told. A prompt with specific instructions or directives will be given, and it will ultimately call on us to shape the “vine” together. Each remedy will be unique, crafted from the same question, yet achieved through various forms and materials.

You can listen and participate anytime, anywhere. For the remedy-making tool kit, here are some of the kinds of materials you may use:

a pencil sharpened at both ends
a piece of paper
any photo-making device (your phone camera or disposable camera etc)
liquid pen-correction tool
needle and thread
scrap of fabric
hair pin
soap bar
glass of water

Take a photo of your outcome and tag us on social media or send to [email protected]

To see the collection of remedies so far, visit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/134qgLz2v7xQcFFTI-nxcQUDWE4K2c14p?usp=sharing

Audio composition and editing: Luke Cohlen

Music used, attached the links so listeners can support the artists:

  1. Luke Cohlen - For Jumana (soundscape), unreleased 2020, made for 'The irresistible shade of the vine'.

  2. Guenter Råler - Old Me, released 2017 on Kalkatraz Cassettes. Music by Stranded FM crew member and electronic producer Irene Cassarini.

  3. Sand Circles - Nezha, For Upper Yanoun, released 2020 on Never a Land Without People, featured on '...a charity compilation for Palestine and it’s people' for which the proceeds go to '...www.adalah.org — a grass roots non-profit organization that works to protect the human & legal rights of Arab minorities living in the State of Israel.'

  4. Kamilya Jubran - Laïtani, released 2012 on Accords Croisés, a contemporary Palestinian singer, songwriter and musician, fusing traditional music with jazz and experimental sounds. Record is in collaboration with Sarah Murcia.

Jumana Emil Abboud, Wrapping Your Arms Around the Dark, 2003, acrylic, pencil and ink on paper, 32.5x31.3 cm, 2003.
Image/Afbeelding: Jumana Emil Abboud

Common Grounds: Story / Heritage
Chapter 2/Hoofdstuk 2: The irresistible shade of the vine
Spring 2020 exhibition program / Tentoonstellingsprogramma voorjaar 2020
Presented by/Gepresenteerd door Casco Art Institute