"The sounds just went so well together and it was so easy," Ahn said. She felt that doing a label together would work because of a shared aesthetic sensibility. She's most excited by finding artists in the "honeymoon period" with their music, before they settle down with a particular sound and self-brand. "It's nice finding people who haven't released officially yet, to be a platform for artists like that." They make up for the label's small size and tight budget with uncut persistence. "Marco bothers every single person to send tracks to us."

Subreal released two EPs in 2019, Mirror River and Mexican producer El Irreal Veintiuno's Poliformo. Subreal's third release, In Tongues, by the Mexico City-based coder/musician CNDSD, was released in April and forged together in true algorave style over several live-coded events. Today their network runs from LA to Central Mexico, but Ahn stresses that she won't let geography confine the label. They're leveraging networks of friends now, but don't want to be pigeonholed by a specific sound or place.

amazondotcom & her label Subreal (via RA)
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