A1: 2D to 3D

For A1: 2D to 3D, you will be creating a representational paper sculpture using 1 or 2 sheets of black 8.5”x11” card stock provided by the sculpture department. The following are project requirements:

1) You may choose any existing object you think of to model your sculpture after. The focus of the project is not to create a stylized version of this object, but rather will try to accurately represent it.

2) You must use the entirety of 1 or 2 black card stock sheets. No part of the sheets can be cut away and discarded.

3) No adhesives or binding materials can be used–only folds, cuts, and tucks.

4) You will create an accompanying 1:1 diagram on white 8.5x11” sheet(s) that details the manipulations you performed on your sheet of card stock in order to create your sculpture. Include a key for your manipulations (ie, solid line = fold; dashed line = cut). The purpose of this document is to create a complete guide that, when handed to a stranger, would instruct them on how to re-create your sculpture.

2D ⇨ 3D Project Prompt
Basic 3D Design (ARTD2211)