A3.2: Liminal Spaces

Download your fellow classmates 1-1 models of their rooms, and upload all of them, along with your own, into a single new file. Using the tools we have covered in class and select downloads of available models, create a cohesive architectural design that connects all of the rooms together within a ‘network of rooms’. Your design does not have to be feasible in the real world or follow the rules of physics–it can be a complete fantasy.

Considering the following questions as your sketch out your design:
Will you use a unified strategy or design principle to connect them?
Are there examples that exist in the real world that you could draw from?
How might your network make use of existing architecture such as doors or windows?
What geometries might you use?
What is the overall shape of the network of rooms once connected?
How might you consider horizontality/verticality?

Liminal Space Project Prompt
Basic 3D Design (ARTD2211)