(Re)-discovering boundaries—probably the biggest learning in these times.

*Realising that being on social media is not as relaxing as I thought it would be. I have always used Instagram as a medium to “shut off” when I was exhausted but I realised that all impressions, captions and are emotions that filter through my screen are more exhausting than relaxing. Now I use my time on Instagram in a more constructive and conscious way.

*being able to set my own timetable (and realising that having no structure is tough for me, but enough structure is exhausting, too)

*knowing when it’s probably better to put my phone away but at the same time feeling more connecting online than ever. Even though it’s addictive, I’ve finally seen the positive effects of social media

*rediscovering Twitter and feeling comfort in it

– Monique Schröder

S4AD Digital Diary