During the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been charting our renewed sense of community and our shared humanitarian condition.

Home quarantined in Italy, I have set out to utilize a computational process to compress footage coming from the social media, and documenting expressions of solidarity and compassion across the globe, into single digital images. They range from clapping to the healthcare professionals, to community singing from balconies, to appeals to stay home so as to slow down the spread of the infection. These expressions formed a shared vocabulary of solidarity for the countries hit by the pandemic, which shows that what we share is much more powerful than what keeps us apart, for better or for worse.

The resulting visuals are footage distilled into minimal palettes, and arranged into aestheticizing compositions. Bridging geographies and levelling details of secondary importance, these traces of solidarity reaffirm how our illness can become wellness.

– Alfonso de Gregorio

S4AD Digital Diary