Dallas Officials Contact

It’s time we adequately fund community programming, neighborhood reinvestment and resources for our communities to thrive. We must demand the divestment of segregated housing policies and shift funding to building equitable, reparative infrastructure that leaves no neighborhood behind.

We need transparent and enforceable systems in place to hold those who govern us with force accountable. An introduction of bare minimum policies that vaguely address issues simply isn’t enough. We need to support and demand excellence of our Citizens Police Review Board, who are in the midst of their first official open investigation. We voted these officials in, so let’s hold them accountable. And if you didn’t vote them in? Great news! You have until June 14 to register for the July 14 runoff.

We want to see you at the polls in July, and in November, too. We want to see you in every damn election in this city. Show up. Speak out. And keep showing up. Let’s get to work, Dallas.

Cover image edited on 06/06/20