Museology is rooted in othering non-western cultures, a cultural vehicle for validating the work of colonialists at the time.This led to museums being involved in creating and maintaining an image of Western Europe juxtaposed against the “uncivilised and uncultured”. This history is important in considering the ways in which the Art world still embodies these structures today and consequently, influences the way people move through it. For centuries, Black creativity has been resisted, co-opted, commodified and erased, all at the same time....

Decolonize the art world believes in the power of critical imagining.

What world do we want to see emerge? How can we transition from the exclusivity of colonial museum and gallery structures into more well-researched contextual forms of engagement?

Going forward, we will be sharing resources and highlighting anticolonial+antiracist approaches to cultural narrative building.

Decolonize The Art World