I’ve been thinking about the virtual edges of Zoom, this platform we find ourselves connected, bordered by pixels and learning through 1011010s and electrical signals. How we will project and overlap from these rectangles as we learn and teach together, creating dimensions that intermingle.

What does this place look like in our liberatory learning environment?

Maybe a place where knowing and unknowing are the warp and the weft, untethered by types of right and wrong. It is a place with space that expands and contracts as we need it, it is flexible. Mutual aid is woven into the foundation. A library for ideas and experiences can be soaked in through multiple or singular senses that can be stitched together and carried with you like a glove but also unwound and rewoven into a community of threads or carried along by another.

There are shared meals, eaten together or alone, with mismatched plates and utensils. Keeping up is not expected and its okay to kindly forget.

Hilwei W