S A B O T A G E 4 July 2020, 20:00-20:30 Black Hole Club present S A B O T A G E

Join Black Hole Club online for a live-streamed performance by S A B O T A G E accessible from Vivid Project’s YouTube. A public address for the United Kingdom’s Independence Day celebrations as the 1 meter plus ruling enables pubs, restaurants and places of worship to reopen. Video and audio from international newsreaders and reports is remixed with sonics that reflect the nature of the footage.

Sabotage highlights mechanisms with which news channels have moved towards sensationalism, entertainment and opinion, and away from traditional values of verification, relevance, depth and quality of interpretation. These values replaced by Kovach and Rosenstiel’s “Journalism of assertion” which focuses how putting a claim into the arena of public discussion as quickly as possible undermines the accuracy of responding to the source of the report.