Visceral vicarious and complex emotion as pre-primary logic, spatial-temporal fullness, fluctuations to toggle primary logic against, the ability to create simulatory experience for insights, although attached to bodily states in a lot of cases - physicality and thought-induced emotionality then provoke each other, back and forth, creating a sphere of experience fused with general emotional states. This may in some cases occur yet be stepped out of from logic where one may observe and critique their own bodily state (this is sometimes not possible, which is where spatial/temporal aspects of emotion get complicated). The option to sit in or sit out. There is something about “fullness” in sitting in (which is most of the time what naturally occurs, especially in immediacy of a situation). It is like a forest of sparks that one may endlessly flutter against any memory, thought, and physical activities either innately or if one decidedly wishes to. There is endless novelty in the head that may be found from within this act. It is difficult to tell if that is due to certain emotions’ capacity to add more density and spatial extent to thoughts, imagination, etc. or if it is literally the number of emotions one may experience and how much they intersect with one another that allows greater phenomenological spatial filling. It seems it may be a bit of both. How things like this would ever be measured I am quite, quite, quite unsure. I be thinking tho