I hate to admit how easily I've adapted to virtually interfacing with the non-local world. Obviously, I was well on the way to this before the pandemic began. While I'm very concerned about the "disaster capitalism" unfolding around us during this time, I have found my own day to day life become much more convenient by no longer leaving my neighborhood, which is located anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half from downtown Brooklyn, Manhattan, and south Brooklyn, where I would meet and visit with friends and colleagues. I've spent some time during the quarantine continuing my work on my "How Computers Work/Don't Work/Could Work" Project and, as part of that, FINALLY read the 1970 Unix Manual. Everyone should read this. I wish I'd read it long ago. For some time now, I've had the sense that the "world" is "becoming a spread sheet." Reading the Unix manual helped me to understand how and why that may be at least in part an accurate statement about the 21st c. United States. The attached image is from the DEC PDP 7 Manual; Unix was developed on this computing platform.

– johannah rodgers

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