i'm so sick of looking at the pixels on my computer screen that they started crawling out of it like fire-ants all over my keyboard and all over my hands and fingers and up my arms and down my legs and they finally started to pool on the checkered quilt in my lap and they clustered there together as if they were huddling for warmth (which is silly because they are made of fire) but they sat still finally which helped for a while but then they stared to vibrate and flicker and flare like it was 4am and my eyes were tired of looking at the pixels on my computer screen and i had spent too much of the day drinking watered down almost forgotten coffee and too tired to think but not ready to sleep but they wont stop moving in the corners of my eyes but now they are made of glass and wool and cotton and they are stitched down in my lap and they won't be going anywhere anytime soon if i have anything to say about it

– Caroline Silverman

S4AD Digital Diary