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“You awake stranded in a flickering world. Realities pulse in and out, overlapping, translucent, neither convincingly genuine nor totally virtual. In this liminal space, your only hope of survival is to piece together new meaning for yourself and for others. Join Mondays at Computer Lab to work through cult case studies and create your own. Come with pen and paper or a laptop, and leave with a super-premium cult, vaporware, or weird brand identity. Let’s make meaning together.”

The basic idea is that there is little difference between designing a cult, a brand, a vaporware product, etc. abstractly, it’s about doing a fun activity with the mindset of design as meaning-making.

we are thinking to start with a few mini-presentations about an occult group, potentially in the style of a “brand pitch” with Positioning Statement and Style Guide Brand Playbook, etc. Then we’d break people up into little teams for a super fast ‘cult design sprint’ with the goal of having everyone end up with a fully designed cult / vaporware / weird brand, and be able to present it and their mission, target market, and some brand assets etc lol

Added 2 years ago by Toby Shorin
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