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Cult Deconstruction Framework

Mondays - micro cult
Target demo: people who think about things
What: secret experimental small scale discussion group
Pitch: think and talk about things you can’t anywhere else
Why it works: truly inventive (or, Toby force of personality)

Learning Gardens - benevolent cult
Target demo: people who think about things
What: distributed meta organisation of reading and learning groups
Pitch: achieve nirvana
Why it works: addictive dopamine hits when people share your ideas,
continuous cross-pollination

Alt right - cult rebrand
Target demo: younger, cleverer white social conservatives
What: political movement that implicitly prioritized white identity
Pitch: subvert leftists telling you what to do
Why it works: fixates a group enemy, red pills its members to promise “enlightenment”

Apple - full blown religion
Target demo: everyone
What: consumer technology company selling products
Pitch: “because it’s Apple” [note tautology]
Why it works: operates like a fashion co, fear of being seen with sub par brands

Silicon valley culture - ideology
Target demo: everyone under 50
What: techno-futurist libertarian worldview
Pitch: unbridled technology will save the world
Why it works: discourse of “world changing” and “problem solving” is compelling, hides problematic aspects

Trumpism - cult of personality
Target demo: everyone besides liberal arts grads
What: ego-driven political movement
Pitch: #MAGA
Why it works: obscures complex realities, offers simple binaries

Added 2 years ago by Toby Shorin
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