Boxes CPG/HQ/1 and 2

Today I went through the early correspondence of the Unesco Archives in relation to the construction of the building. Many things were quite boring, building permits and so forth. A few interesting things came to the surface.

-The first being the response from the staff when viewing the architectural plan commented that there was no creche for staff with children. It was then also added that as UNESCO is a place with 'non-french' employees (and their families) that it is even more needed.

  • There was a very interesting document in box 1, a document stating the accommodation standards, assuming 'normal' 'united kingdom climatic conditions' stipulates very clearly the room size needed for his/her ranking. Meaning that a minister for example must receive (at least) 500 square feet of accommodation, and at the bottom of the list, a typist must receive 40 square feet.

-The architects received 5% of the construction fee, though there was some concern because so much repetitive (modernist) structures were being used, were they being paid too much for 'lack of creativity'. It was proposed that maybe they should be paid less?

  • Peter Bellew (head of visual art) was given way less space then he had requested, and could not fix the crates in time for the next touring show. It seemed like there were many issues with the placement of the offices once the new building had happened.

-There's a lot of really interesting doodling on the backs of some of the pages, which I'm assuming was during meetings for the plans of the construction.

Day 1
Jason Hendrik Hansma