Being creative is not natural.
To grow and get old is natural.
We are organisms running on energy,
therefore we try to be as efficient as possible.
But this efficiency must be challenged
Our ability to get out of deadly routine,
to get lost, be pushed, resist the ordinary,
seek novelty, strive for new ideas.
Because there is no one you, one idea,
one angle for looking at things.
Learning new things is confusing,
frustrating, maybe painful,
but comfort takes us nowhere.

Practice what is alive,
where new variations, questions,
outcomes may appear.
Change your brain’s architecture, your movement,
your thinking, your actions.
Do not seek what reassures you,
what you already know.
Enjoy exploration and uncertainty.
Embrace that which makes you doubt again,
that which allows your joints to feel variability,
a new rhythm.
Cultivate a practice that provokes you,
a practice that gives you an energy surplus.
Put yourself at risk and learn to recognise
what is better than simply good enough.

Who can see beyond the obvious?
Who has the courage to see the body
not as something we should control and stifle,
but as a poetry, with spaces between the words
and joints that allow different interpretations
and new meanings.
We are not machines made for a single purpose.
We are all you can imagine.