Listen to the talking lecture ‘I found my pencil in the gutter.’

after listening to the talking-lecture:

Mis-use a camera. It can be your DSLR, cell phone, computer camera..etc. Use it in an alternative way, in a way you have never used it before. Consider the mis-use of the camera the content, but also consider using the mis-use as an approach to some ideas you are interested in. For instance, lately I have been pushing my cell phone camera physically up against flowers on my walk, using the selfie camera…& it results in a very blurry image. Sometimes I take a small video. The idea behind this simple gesture or ‘misuse’ of the selfie-camera is my desire for human touch during a time when social distancing and isolation make this nearly impossible. Make 3-5 images + upload in a google drive folder with your name as the title under the shared folder 'week 2' found under assignments. (directions for VCU course Project Studio P+F).