"Interactivity is boring — well, not boring, but unfulfilling. But honestly, we just didn’t know how to do interactivity. But our methods have been validated since — by you. Look at YouTube. Hit and play, hit and play. We wanted to give you a full-screen experience with little or no download time. We resolved that issue (which we consider to be of paramount importance) using just a 56k modem. 20 seconds seems to be the psychological threshold. If you had to wait any longer, you would click away."

"We're never going to change. Life is easier that way. It's like opening the bedroom closet in the morning and finding just one set of clothing to wear that day and every following day. There's no decision to make. One computer program, one recipe. Simplicity is a virtue. (Unless we change, or close up shop, which is O.K., too.)"

"There's a tendency to read quickly on the Internet. Speed is everything, and densely written texts, be they creative or critical, seem to make the reader anxious -- maybe because of the phone bill. Then again, maybe another reason for the dearth of critical Web writing is that there's nothing to criticize -- Web writing might not be very good."

Quotes from Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries

Their works are available in ~20 languages.

Explore all their works: http://www.yhchang.com

Laurel Schwulst