when is the sublime in digital?

the presence of a monumental network, more subconsciously sensed than explored? realizing the fact of server farm architecture, of data and its physical location near reno, nevada? does it get entangled in the endless generative recombination of aggregated content? is it losing your sense of self in the multiverse of feeds?

a more spatial resolution of the web may be required, the UI equivalent of topographical space visible in the distance.

(by the beach, aguda)

when is the sublime in digital?

If the web is considered to be more than a sales funnel that is to be perpetually optimized – that is to understand the web as a spatial and social space – then the digital sublime has to be both conceivable and attainable. What is the digital equivalent of the vast impenetrable sea dissolving into a hazy horizon?

Malte Müller