Visual identity and website for @miilkiina by @sometimes__always
Visual identity and website for @miilkiina by @sometimes__always

@miilkiina is a new digital media space and creative agency based in New York and Dubai. Under their creative direction, we've been working on their visual identity, website and brand expressions since mid 2019. A multifaceted project, Miilkiina is a new-age newspaper, a creative agency, a hub for learning and a place for artistic interactions, all at the same time. Our challenge was to come up with a graphic base that could hold all these different sides of the project under the same identity. ⁣

The design takes inspiration in traditional newspaper blackletters and body typefaces together with elements from Middle Eastern arts and culture. It culminates in an original identity that is allocated at no other time but now. Through a mix of fonts, shapes, blocks and weird overlays the identity makes its mark in all sizes of screens and printed matter. In this post, the mobile version of the insanely complex website magically coded by the one and only @fluxo_design ⁣

Miilkiina was launched in April 2020 and since then, it has lived organically, embracing new functionalities and demands but keeping its visual consistency, as it should be. We are very proud to be part of this very nice project. Thanks @nadiaazmy and all Miilkiina's team for such a journey. ⁣

If you have any interest in hearing new voices from super interesting perspectives, make sure to follow Miilkiina.

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