It seems like this is coming to fruition which is a positive outcome in society. The one issue that misinformation is starting to becoming indistinguishable to facts. This may sound a little suppressive, the technology gives everyone a voice that necessarily hasn't earned it. A little explanation upon that is that people believe the misinformation at face value and not really digging in and doing the research to appropriately decide whether the information they saw is correct or incorrect.

Stefanie Hessler’s writing on Downey for the exhibition “With Energy Beyond These Walls”

“Even class struggle is present in concepts such as Feedback… Self-comparison… should be work open to all members of society… Cybernetics is a call for social change… I am calling for an Information Revolution.”[2] As if foreseeing today’s Internet, Downey developed his concept of “invisible architecture,” an all-encompassing cybernetic web of relations that he anticipated to transgress all of society, including material boundaries, in, as the artist wrote in 1973, “an attitude of total communication with-in which ultra-developed minds will be telepathically cellular to an electromagnetic whole.”[3]"

Miguel Ortiz-Teed