"The reason for green and black monitors, originally, was because the computers were lit up by phosphor tubes that glowed a bright green. Phosphor is derived from phosphorus, which was discovered by accident by a medieval alchemist looking for the philosopher’s stone—the secret to life. This alchemist, Hennig Brand, thought there was power in his urine, and if he boiled it it would condense down into this stone. The boiled urine did not give Henning eternal life, but it did become a glowing lump of phosphorus. And so his flawed seeking was condensed into new matter, which was later condensed into tubes of light for our modern modes of seeking, and condensed again into tonight’s pure digital metaphor. Which is just a nice thing to remember as you fumble through your own strange experiments, the seeking that brings you to the edge of your own knowledge." - Tech Learning Collective https://techlearningcollective.com/foundations/command-line-basics/enchantment-in-the-command-line