Jef Geys, Ladies' Novel (or Novel), 1967Jef Geys, Ladies' Novel (or Novel), 1967
Jef Geys, Ladies' Novel (or Novel), 1967

Wooden case with printed book, handwritten and typed notes.
On view in the exhibition Risquons Tout at the one and only Wiels Art Center, through January.

A proposal by Geys to book publishers, to make addendums to their representation of women in French novels of the 1960s. Geys went through one such novel, underling and noting problematic or cliche scenarios and attributes, and then wrote a second manuscript giving potential interiority, context and integrity to the characters...

As the Wiels visitor guide states "He gives the clichéd narrative structure and the one-dimensional psychological profiles of the characters more depth and relief, emancipating them from their gendered sociotypes, and from the strictures of mass produced,standardised pop culture."

A reply from an Antwerp publisher, included as part of the artwork states "Dear Sir Geys, We already have such an overloaded production program that, to our great regret, we see no possibility of publishing a book as you propose. Thanks for your offer."

Nilas Andersen