That word [environment] is a typical product of the old dualism that is at the root of most of our ecological destructiveness. So, of course, is "biocentrism." If life is at the center, what is the periphery? And for that matter, where is the periphery? "Deep ecology," another bifurcating term, implies that there is, a couple of layers up, a shallow ecology that is not so good - or that an ecosystem is a sort of layer cake with the icing on the bottom. Not only is this language incapable of giving a true description of our relation to the world; it is also academic, artificial, and pretentious. It is the sort of language used by a visiting expert who does not want the local people to ask any questions.

Environment, Biocentrism, Deep Ecology
Csaba Osvath

Notes From
Wendell Berry
Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community
(page 34)