9. Kosode. Dan-gawari9. Kosode. Dan-gawari
9. Kosode. Dan-gawari

Allover design of embroidered bamboo grass and paulownia, cherry, and wisteria blossoms and leaves. Second half of sixteenth century (Momoyama period)

From The Heibonisha Survey of Japanese Art:

The late Seiroku Noma (1902-66) graduated from the former Tokyo Imperial University (now the University of Tokyo), where he specialized in art history. For some years he served as Curator in Chief at Tokyo National Museum. He is the author of books on many aspects of Japanese art, including, in English, The Japanese Sense of Beauty, Haniwa, and The Arts of Japan, and during his lifetime made a number of visits to the United States and Europe in connection with exhibitions of Japanese art.

Japanese Costume and Textile Arts by Seiroku Noma

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