ic demands inniernane impiementation: ". nirim of Thirfdr World Financial Counselors Third Services)• b Third World Chancellors in the University System 0. Third World people put in the Placement [enters' fr."1"%i ne 'n the CIS Departments. a' d. Third World - '5 '• the Admissions Office Third World PeePie in , 1 e, se% -0 demands for inmediate implementation: * — — cif.ssion, financial aid, and academic assistance e* to all Third World people who apply for admission b 30 Work Study positions for the Chinatown and Mani — ,1000,„,, projets, and 10 EOP counselors, including • full-tine Asian Coordinator. c* Expansion of Work Study program jobs to the AASU East Campus Berkeley High School Project, to in-clude at least 30 positions. d. That the Center for Chicano Studies be given per-minent status with funds to implement its programs. 4) Third World control over Third World Programs. That every University program financed federally or other-, wise that involves the Third World communities (Chicano, p Black, Asian, Native-American) must have Third World people prcgram implementation. in control at the decision making level from funding to F 5) That no disciplinary action will be administered in any way ato dny student, workers, teachers, or administrators during and after the strike as a consequence of their par-ticipation in the strike. --Omerican Federation of Teachers, Local 1570 (Teaching Assis-Msic1 sailed for rkstagefromJal22nd support of TWLF strtonaan.it,atr vote would be taken. re was a fire in Wheeler Auditorium. After fence, lmdest thestrike precipitated at of vio-rth51vderted that "laboratory tests fail-ead‘mifi asFsoonns: on February.17th. ;I, s 1 , te dd s f and academic assihstanceeman toi anyor otential to learn and contribute .. Te Worl peo e mini defeatedyl :itorrilkdefrctuli smart giving "Ygeteine'lliald-sup-Ce announced its support of the 4

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