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Afro-American Student Union (AASU) submitted proposal for a Black Studies Department to Chancellor Heyns. August -- Dr. Billingsley appointed Assistant to the Chancellor to develop plans for a Black Studies Department. -- In support of striking farm workers, the Mexican-American Student Confederation (MASC) met with Vice-Chancellor Camp bell to ask that table grapes no longer be purchased by the University of California. Mr. Campbell gave a verbal promise to stop grapes if the agreement was not publicized. -- Scott Wilson (Business Manager for Housing and Food Se, vices)premised immediate removal of grapes. Oct. -- Governor Reagan's Agricultural Secretary, Earl Coke, joined Oct. 1st Reagan and Rafferty in condemnation of the grape boycott. -- Wore is received by MASC that grapes are still being Oct served at the U.C. dormitories. Ilth PresIdent Hitch rescinded Wilson's policy and claimed a position of "neutrality". He instructed purchasing depart-Tents not to refuse to purchase any food product as a pol-icy decision. Oct. 14th - Hitch granted MASC representatives a half hour conference. When MASC attempted to discuss the issues further, President Hitch left his office and refused. As a result, eleven of the representatives were arrested for unlawful assentlY and Oct 17th trespassinIyPresgentatives net with Hitch and presented a list of 2

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