How to conduct an oral history in a Chinatown (or family) near you:

Primer: Take notes. Be sure to ask permission for pictures, audio, video, etc. Ask brief questions, one at a time. Ask yourself why you would want to document this history. This guide is order sequentially, but is adaptable to any sort of immigrant experience or additional questions to expand on details. Be sure to urge for more depth, like imagery, moments, places, or people.

Can you retell your story of how you came to this country? 你可以复述一遍你是如何来这个国家的故事吗?

Why did you initially want to come to America? 为什么你最初会想要来美国?

How did you feel about leaving _______? [people, place, idea] 对于要离开 (。。。),你是怎么想的?

My questions for my Chinese parents:
How often did you visit Chinatown when you first moved to New York?
What were your emotions when we packed our stuff and moved to Georgia?
What does family mean to you?
How has Chinatown contributed to our family?

Oral history guide
Jay Li