The other thing that I think is different is, for example, we always believe that quality is more important than quantity, and uh… for example, so we run the company very lean. I tell my guys in finance, “I don’t want you guys to ever benchmark anybody else because you can only get bad ideas.” We run the finances of Apple with about half the size of some of the companies that I worked for before that were like a tenth of the size of Apple. I have an investor relations group of two, two people. I have a group that manages $230bn of cash, is a group of seven. I know when I look at my counterparts in other large companies they’ve got multiples of those resources, but we really believe that if we have the right people we don’t need a lot of them. So that, I think that’s, that’s a different way.

CFO Luca Maestri on what's different about Apple
Chris Beiser