Xanadu Hypertext Project
Xanadu Hypertext Project

"Project Xanadu, the original hypertext project, is often misunderstood as an attempt to create the World Wide Web.

It has always been much more ambitious, proposing an entire form of literature where links do not break as versions change; where documents may be closely compared side by side and closely annotated; where it is possible to see the origins of every quotation; and in which there is a valid copyright system-- a literary, legal and business arrangement-- for frictionless, non-negotiated quotation at any time and in any amount. The Web trivialized this original Xanadu model, vastly but incorrectly simplifying these problems to a world of fragile ever-breaking one-way links, with no recognition of change or copyright, and no support for multiple versions or principled re-use. Fonts and glitz, rather than content connective structure, prevail."

Xanalogical Structure, Needed Now More than Ever:

Parallel Documents, Deep Links to Content,

Deep Versioning and Deep Re-Use

Theodor Holm Nelson, Project Xanadu* and Keio University

Pierre Marteau