working key

themes that are important to me, research
() softer, more ambiguous moodboards and atmospheres
* practice, intentional channels: will move stuff from _ (visual reference) in the past to these. these will be regularly revisited and reflected on
<> partially hidden channels: for processing, queue, misc notes

key through late June 2021

— cool themes [1]
_ visual reference
() atmospheres, moodboards
: resources, " : " to branch
* bud, hopeful
? learning about design
+ tactile things, reflections on craft and making
~ music
! important links

– sub branch that isnt part of the tree
-- collaborative
/ backlog, paused index key

organizing my channels, growing an (eco)system
punctuation as metaphor

i do want to collect more mindfully—I often connect/collect without thought. How can I slow down my pace for a while and better grow these gardens?

cool themes used to be research and projects
office supplies: box:, folder:, shelf:
abstract/concepts: Q:, gen ed:
overt physical landforms

leslie liu