"Ebi" aka Susumu Yokota - Ten full album (1996)
Jens Jacob Dinesen

TRACKS: Enjoy 1.鳥 Tori 00:00 2.竹 Take 7:48 3.鶴 Tsuru 15:17 4.狐 Kitsune 21:39 5.風 Kaze 27:36 6.月 Tsuki 34:52 7.柳 Yanagi 42:21 8.松 Matsu 50:45 9.龍 Ryuu 54:45 10.天 Ten 1:00:31 Audio in .wav quality at 44.1 kHz(CD) and a sampling frequency of 44100Khz I do not own ANY rights to any of the music or footage i share, if you have a problem with the way of share, shoot an email and i will take the video down if needed.